about serena gossack

Serena has a relational approach to business where she values honesty, good communication, and recognizes that behind every business are real people.

Her main priority is creating an experience that is enjoyable and makes you feel excited and confident about what’s next in your business. 

When she’s not coming up with new ideas, you can find Serena exploring Montana, playing the violin, laughing about bad puns, hanging with friends, or dreaming about the pet bunny she’ll have someday.

"My goal with this studio has always been to work closely with entrepreneurs

who are creative, innovative, and kind. My passion is hearing what you are

good at and creating and executing a vision that will bring your brand and

business to the next level. My favorite thing about what I do is meeting

other amazing business owners and seeing them become proud of their

brand and what it stands for from working together."

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