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Our passion is to create stand out product and lifestyle brands with kind people so they can create one of a kind luxury experiences for their customers and position themselves as leaders in their industry.

Meet Serena


As a visionary who loves to work with other passionate entrepreneurs to build their dream brands, I took the leap and decided to create an independent studio that could support not only a lifestyle that I was excited about living, but also one that helps other businesses owners create a brand that supports their dreams as well. 


I graduated with highest honors at Montana State University with a BFA in Graphic Design and am now based in Southwest Montana living a life on the prairie and in the mountains. When I'm not designing for innovative brands, you can find me exploring Montana, building our dream house with my husband, playing my violin, doing sports with friends, and dreaming about the pet holland lop bunny I'll have someday.


Things That Inspire me...

Learning about people's personality types, {if you're asking I'm an Enneagram 8w7} Scandinavian lifestyle and design, trying new things, getting outside, and seeing people doing what they love. 


A few industries we love working with:

sustainable fashion

innovative food & beverage

events & retreats



natural skincare

health & wellness

We are committed to your success, and truly believe each person should have a chance at creating a business lifestyle they love.

Whether you are a retail space, hotelier, product based brand or mobile pop-up shop, we work with people who value providing high level experiences to every area of their business and understand that through strategy and branding, you can create a one of a kind experience that elevates you far above any other businesses in your industry.

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love notes from our clients

"You have taken a mess of ideas, reflections, inspirations, hopes and ambitions and made it into a much more concise, communicable format. Well Done!"

"I can't even put into words how grateful I am for you - I've seriously dreamed of my brand coming to life like this for years and until working with you, I didn't even know how to go about making this dream a reality."

"You’re the best, most awesome, totally amazing, super smart, grossly patient, “muy bonita” graphic designer I know!! (insert winky kiss face) (air hug)"

Additional Support...


The Alinea Collective

After working individually with clients, we noticed a struggle for consistency when it comes to marketing execution and continued brand management. We wanted to create a one-stop shop for marketing alignment and consistency — a place where projects of every size are welcomed with the attention of a one-on-one relationship and the execution of a full marketing team. If you need continued support beyond branding, we are here to help you continue to be successful in your marketing journey as well.

Client Referral Program

Each of our clients are so so important to us, and we want to give you full permission to talk behind our back... and get rewarded for it!

When you work with us and tell your friends to book with us too, we have a client referral program that gives back to our referring clients over and over again.


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