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Sunshine Extracts creates small-batch CBD products to support your mind, body, and mood. Their unique formulas are lovingly hand-crafted using quality organic ingredients, transparent practices, and a whole lot of sunshine. All of their products use organic full-spectrum CBD extract, grown sustainably by independent farmers in the USA. 

For this startup, we wanted to create something timeless, with a professional-grade look to establish themselves as experts in the market while still embracing bright colors and the bright personality it embodies. We started with brand strategy then created a sophisticated brand with versatility and a whole lot of sunshine. We ended up with a strong brand prepared to take on the online market with a full packaging suite and brand design ready to wow and adapt to any need they may have down the road.


Brand Strategy

Signature Brand Design

Packaging Design

Product Photography

Brand Photography

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" My introduction to Gossack Creative was through Serena’s Brand Strategy Workshop which I feel was invaluable to the whole process. It was a very comprehensive “get to know you” approach which was honestly as valuable to me as it was to her. During this deep dive into understanding my vision for the project, Serena was gracious with her time, meticulous in her questions, insightful in her views, and patient with my sometimes indecision. By the time we were done, we both had some much clarity about the direction, scope, and final product that it made everything that came next so easy. During the workshop, I could tell how important it was for Serena to really understand me and to see my vision the way I saw it, and because of this, I could not be happier with the work she has done for me." 



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