Why packaging matters

Did you know 85% percent of buying decisions are based off packaging design alone?

That means only 15% percent is based off of everything else your product encompasses.

If you have really beautiful and effective packaging, you are utilizing that whole 85% percent of the buying decision and it's having a large influence on your customer.

What that also means, if you are not utilizing captivating and effective packaging, you only have 15% percent of your customers attention and persuasion in the purchase decision no matter how great your product is. If I was in the latter boat I would not like those odds.

Packaging goes beyond the purchase as well: 52% of online consumers say they would likely return to a business for another purchase if they receive products in premium packaging. And 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase. But the costumer can also become another marketing channel for you:

40% would share a photo of packaging if it is interesting. They also would recommend it to friends who then might become costumers as well just based off their experience with the packaging.

For any seller, packaging is the first physical impression of your brand to your customer, and plays an important role in representing your brand and giving your customers a great experience when they order from you. Even for independent handmade brands on a shoestring budget, beautiful packaging is possible.

Here are some unconventional packaging ideas that will help get your brand identity throughout your packaging experience and grab the attention of your customer:


Shipping packaging:

Add custom stamps, labeling and my personal favorite - branded tape to seal the deal. You can create custom mailing envelopes and boxes as well.

If you need extra protection for your items - Add some custom tissue paper that shows off your brand colors, patterns and logo.


Promotional Elements:

Everyone loves little surprises when they receive a package. Add small promotional items like stickers, coupons, referral cards, a small gift or sample of another product.


Product Packaging:

Make an impact by packaging your products in fabric bags, tying it with ribbon or adding washi tape.

Gift wrap for in person and online purchases is a great way to spread your brand and show you care.


Remember quality is better than quantity with these items, so pick a few and put some effort into it and it will elevate the experience so much more.

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