What is Branding, really?

Defining what a Brand is: A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that customers associate with your company. It’s a personality and standard you hold within your business that creates a reputation that defines your brand. All these things play into your consumers decision to choose your service over any other.

Every time someone runs into your brand it’s either negative, neutral or positive.

Branding is the why and then the process and actionable steps to create a successful brand.

Branding and creating a brand can be a very complex topic, it’s not just about your logos and colors. So I’m going to tell you a story of two different buying experiences I had to help you understand how branding distinguishes businesses and products from one another.

Do you buy tooth paste?

I usually buy mine at Walmart. So I go to Walmart, I have to park a ways away from the building, The carts are frozen to the ground when I get to the entrance and I can’t find a basket to hold the few items I had to get. My mission when shopping is go as fast as I can and get out of there ASAP all while dodging other shoppers. so I have all my items in my hands and the last thing I need is tooth paste. So I go into the toothpaste isle with 50 different options of toothpaste and I pick the one at the bottom the toothpaste that’s $1 for a tube with subpar packaging and bonus of cavity protection on the box, great. Moving on. The only interaction from the staff was a “hello, and here’s your receipt” from the cashier when I was leaving with my plastic bag.

Okay so I drive down the street a few hundred yards and my next stop is Spruce and Honey (which is a gorgeous local waxing parlor and natural apothecary shop)

I go in and am the only one in the shop and am greeted with relaxing music, beautiful interior design, everything smells good and I get a smile from the owner Keeley. before I even start shopping we chat about business and life and the new products that have arrived. I’ve already spent more time here than Walmart and I haven’t even begun shopping. I look around for a long time picking out my go to’s while inquiring about new products and asking keeled questions to see if they would be a good fit for me. Knowing her dedication to high quality, and carefully curated goods that stand for transparent ingredients and natural living, I already know I can put down money and be confident in my purchase before testing it, thats how much I trust her expertise. I’m very obsessed with brushing my teeth, beautiful packaging and natural beauty care and I’m also kind of a tight wad. But I thought it would be fun to treat myself and try the only natural toothpaste she had on display. So I picked out this WILDIST Toothpaste, they stand for clean ingredients, sustainable packaging, cruelty free and natural living. Gorgeous packaging, everything I love in a tube.

I was totally okay with spending $9 on this tube of tooth paste. Crazy right? Even after I spent $1 on toothpaste at Walmart.

So what about those two experiences made me want to pay such a drastic difference in price? Each tube of toothpaste gives me the same exact outcome in the end but one is 9x’s the price of the other.

What is the big difference between Walmart and Spruce and Honey?

What is the difference between $1 Colgate and $9 wildest toothpaste?

A brand experience can determine the value perception of goods and effects how much people are willing to spend and how people feel before, during and after they purchase.

Branding includes all those little details I just talked about.

It helps you distinguish yourself from any other person around you even if you are selling the same exact thing.

Is walmart successful? Yes. Is spruce and Honey successful? Yes.

And for different reasons - One for affordability and convenience and the options available.

One for expertise and standing for a cause and providing high quality products. Which one do you want to be known for? Which experience do you want people to be talking about when you aren’t there? What’s your brand reputation?

All these questions define what your brand is.

Visually a brand is identified and all these feelings are remembered by logo design, colors, fonts, and photography.

If you aren't sure how to create a brand experience or how to create a visual design system that represents that experience, I would love to work with you to create this crucial part of your business.

Follow along on my next blog post on ways you can increase your VALUE PERCEPTION.

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