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3 Signs you're not ready for Brand Support

3 Signs you're NOT ready to invest in Professional Branding Support quite yet:

#1. You're not clear on what you offer or why:


If you are still trying to figure out what products or services you want to provide and aren’t clear on what you want to be known for, you aren’t ready for branding support. Not only knowing what you offer, but why is another important internal piece to contemplate. What you want to be known for and why is a huge piece that we express in your visual branding, so we need to make sure that is solid before proceeding.

#2. Change of direction in your business


Your business may be headed for big changes that would not align with your branding if you invested now and you would potentially have to start all over. Early brands may have several of these pivots before they are heading in a solid direction to invest in long term branding! Knowing your longterm vision initially really helps create a brand that can grow and expand with you through all those changes. If your business vision is shaken, wait until things settle or get support to help give you clarity before you invest in branding.

#3 Willing to cut corners


If you are willing to compromise on the process and the quality, you probably don't fully see the value in branding for your business, and we probably aren't a good fit quite yet. Cutting corners only allows for band aid fixes and short term solutions, that often need to be repaired later on, which can affect your brand reputation long term. Once you are in a place in your business where you see the value and need the transformation high touch branding provides, you will want to do it right. That mindset will set you up for success in the long run, and where I have seen the largest ROI and improvement in many areas in my client's businesses.

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