Packaging Design FAQ

Packaging can range from being super simple to very complex, so I am here to answer a few common questions I get about packaging design.

Q: How often should you be refreshing your packaging design?

A: I see Packaging design as an extension of your core brand design. I would say the less you change up your packaging the better because it's one of the defining things people remember you as. However, if you change your brand to better reflect your company, your packaging should reflect that. If you have seasonal items sometimes changing up the packaging for special occasions or seasons can be a fun way to get people interested in your product. If you don't feel like your packaging is being successful or matching your current branding, it might be time to update it.

If you feel like you have to keep changing up your packaging design constantly, it might be a deeper underlying issue with your brand strategy or design that makes you want to redo everything.

Q: Why can packaging design be so expensive?

A: 1st of all for any product-based business, packaging design is one of the most important factors for consumer purchasing, so quality packaging design has a very high ROI and is extremely valuable to your business growth. Many factors go into pricing but here are a few:

~ Packaging design can be extremely technical and when done right many nuances go into making it perfect that many people don’t know about. Even some designers don’t know how to correctly create custom packaging from scratch.

~ Good packaging design takes a lot of time and resources {from test printing to creating illustrations and icons to color tests etc.} to ensure everything is working correctly.

~ Quality packaging and label fits are crucial to look professional and it’s sometimes more complicated than you think.

~ Your investment is for the long haul not like a seasonal flier. So taking time to set up your packaging design system and creating something you can expand upon is super important.

Q: Can you make my packaging on a budget?

A: Yes and no. There are so many creative ways to package your item beautifully without that much cost. There is also packaging that costs a premium amount, it just depends on what you want your results to be like! I always try to be conscious of your budget and brainstorm ways to make it more cost-effective for you if needed. Some projects just really need to bite the bullet and pay the full amount for what they are needing and aiming for, and others can skim by on the bare minimum.

If budget is an issue for you, you either have to think about the long-term effect it will have on the growth of your sales, or find a way to afford it upfront such as increasing your product price point. Often upgraded packaging will help people be more willing to spend a bit more money on your product too.

Most people should expect to invest 2-3% of their product revenue for 1 year into their packaging design.

The packaging is an investment upfront but will serve you for years, so think about how that investment will pay off over time!

Q: Do you know about all the regulations to make my packaging legal?

A: I am familiar with most of the common regulations and restrictions but every product and industry has specific requirements that need to be applied. So I typically make sure you know which regulations are specific to your industry and from there I can easily implement what you need as well as guide you in the right direction to find out what those are.

Q: Is printing included in your services?

A: Printing is the client's responsibility and is not included in the cost, but I am happy to help guide you to printing vendors if needed!

Q: Are Packaging & label templates an option?

A: Yes! Many businesses that have a smaller budget or have seasonal and rotating item variations, and can benefit from a one size fits all system. Often you need to create several templates for different categories in your products to avoid confusion. But totally an option, templates do cost a bit more upfront.

Q: Can you make my packaging a consistent system, even with my different products?

A: YES, YES, YES! That's what we do around here. There's nothing random about packaging and we always strive to create a cohesive system for all your products to work together! Packaging design is all about creating a system for your brand and that’s where we excel.

Q: Should I invest in packaging design if I don’t have branding?

A: I will only take on packaging clients if I have worked with them prior, or they have a really strong brand kit and guidelines ready to go that I verify before starting.

Packaging involves way too much for you not to have a strong brand identity. Your packaging is the billboard and the showcase for your brand. I don’t believe in patchwork solutions and paying my rate without branding probably won't be as worth the investment.

Packaging without strong branding is really hard for me to get the results you are paying for. I want every project to be successful and help grow your business. If you don’t have strong branding it may not be worth investing in packaging especially if you plan to rebrand down the road.

Q: What do your packaging design services include?

A: All pricing is custom and starts at a flat rate and goes up from there.

This is all dependent on the size, and complexity of the project.

From the quoted price you always get:

Initial meeting and planning

Packaging Visual Direction Discovery

1 concept development

2 revision periods

Label and packaging fitting

Final printing files {AI and working files are not included}

(Often includes exact files with bleed on dyelines}

Q: What do you need prior the starting packaging design?

A: Needed before designing:

~ Any information that will be on the packaging

~ Brand Assets and Guidelines

~ Send me samples of your physical packaging container.

Q: Does the material you print on, matter?

A: YES. The printing quality and the material is supercritical. The material you print on often determines the print quality, color accuracy, and amount of details it can print.

Q: Can I Print my packaging at home?

A: Technically yes. Again, the materials you use to print on, as well as types of printers all affect the quality and in turn the credibility of your product. Most at-home printing jobs, look like they were done at home and are pretty limiting. If that is the look and the budget you have that is fine! But if you are creating a product on a professional scale for a competitive high-level market, professional printing is a must and will take a lot of time and hassle off of your plate while getting great results.

Hopefully that gave you a bit more insight into packaging design and some things you may consider if you are looking to create or redesign your packaging!

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a project please fill out the contact form on our site!

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