So what’s the deal with Brand Photography?

I've made a quick and convenient guide to what you need to know about Brand photography! First let me tell you what Brand Photography is for those of you who don’t know:

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Brand photography creates images for your business or brand that shows how you work, your process steps, final product photos, you and your personality behind the brand and most importantly story telling! Brand photography really gives an opportunity to create excitement around your product or service by telling stories through the images created specifically for your brand. This in turn creates interest and engagement among your followers and customers and helps build and promote your overall brand message and mission. Photos can create a lot of different feelings and moods and your brand should have one that’s consistent and most importantly reflects what you do best. In what ways do you engage your audience?

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Things you should know before booking a photoshoot:

So you are starting to think its a great idea to represent your brand with gorgeous professional photos and are ready to dive in and start showing people how amazing your company is! So before you spend all the time and money to really boost your visual presence here are some things you should think about before you book a session:

1. Have a clear goal you want to accomplish with these photos that aligns with your brand values. (ex: educate/inform, impress, tell a story about your product, be more personable)

2. Have a list of places where your photos will be used. (this helps the photographer get great shots that also work in the correct format.) I’ll be sharing more tips on this in part 3.

3. Create a pinterest board with shots you can show your photographer that really captures the tone and feeling of what you want your photos to look like. Think about atmosphere shots to include in your session as well.

4. Bring a few change of clothes (if applicable) and thought out props to give variety and help you tell specific stories to your audience.

5. Relax and have so much fun. Brand photography is such a blast and you will get addicted seeing you and your business in a whole new light.

All of these tips will make your money go so much further if you put some time and thought into it before hand. And don’t worry if you seriously have no idea where to start. I offer consultation with my clients about what they are trying to accomplish visually and how to tie everything together. What questions/fears do have about your brand photos? If you’ve done them before what was your favorite part?

{part 3}

How to actually use the photos you have:

Great, so you’ll hoped on board with getting amazing visual content for your business, whether you booked a shoot with me or another talented photographer, you now have lots of beautiful images! But you may be thinking, how in the world do I integrate them into my marketing? Trust me you aren’t the only one.

With my background in Graphic Design, I know exactly how important it is to utilize the photos you have into different applications for marketing. Not all photographers think about usage after the shoot, But trust me I’m going to be giving you lots of room so your head isn’t cut off on the banner of your home page. Ya know what I mean?

Here are some ideas of how to use your brand photos to get the best bang for your buck.

1. Social Media - Kind of a no brainer but this a friendly reminder to post the photos you have! So many people get photos done and only post a few. Use that whole gallery, because you paid for it and no one is sick of seeing them so get on it! You can even use them in your IG stories!

2. Use them for your website, for your bio, on your home page, additional product photography.

3. Send them to events you’re attending, clubs you are part of, tradeshows and people inquiring what you do. A picture is worth a thousand words.

4. Print material - I know it’s old fashioned, but we can work together to use it for service menus, lookbooks, print ads, and so much more!

5. Print them on canvas and put them in your studio or business.

There are so many other ways to utilize your images, the only wrong way to use them, is to not use them!

If you have any questions about how to implement your content or questions about booking brand photos yourself, please get in touch and let’s make some magic! Thanks so much for coming along this series, I’ve hoped you learned a few things!

What is your favorite way of showing off your brand photography?

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