Laying a good Foundation ~ Client Spotlight: Becki Cook

Introducing my next client in my Client Spotlight Case Study Series:

Becki Cook of @architectbynature was one of my first "big" branding projects I worked on last summer. Becki took a huge risk in hiring me to brand her business, with me just starting my business and being fresh out of college. Becki really understood the importance of laying a good foundation with her branding to establish herself as a new business. We created a brand identity system, brand photos and most recently expanded into packaging. Becki was recently featured in Edible Bozeman as a feature article.

Below is her sharing how important branding was to her business growth:

"A quality foundation is essential to your brand development. It is similar to building a house. Your logo is the architectural blueprint of your home. Serena was able to capture the essence of my business with ideas for future growth. The foundation needs to be solid and allow for creative development. I am delighted that my graphic designer is a visionary.

When you work with someone like Serena who can design and photograph your business, yourself, your product and service it creates harmony with your brand. Everything flows together in unity. Serena seizes moments of sensorial experience for the client's branding. Architect By Nature has an authentic vibe due to Serena's expertise. Gossack Creative is organized, cutting edge, efficient and values integrity. Serena listens to the client with patience and is able to execute with precision. Her ability to see the big picture and break it down into a strategic plan is AMAZING.

The take away. You need a creative person to help your business grow. You need a visionary to help your business grow. You need a solid foundation with flexibility to help your business grow. This person is Serena. I highly recommend hiring her for your business design needs. People feel curious and comfortable with my brand because of Gossack Creative. From color, shape, form and feeling: Architect by Nature is simply, Beautiful! I look forward to continued growth together. My business was jump started into the mainstream because of our work together."

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