Ideas on choosing a location for Brand Photography Sessions

Location for brand photography is huge!

Even if you have a physical location where you do business, sometimes you can really benefit from getting out of your studio or home office and get creative in other spaces to help diversify and add variety to your content.

If you are a masseuse or skin care provider, consider taking your practice outside for a photoshoot. Gua sha in the grass anyone?

If you are a service provider and provide mentorship, counseling or work with anyone 1:1, brand photos can be used to share your personality, interests and get people comfortable with the real you. Consider doing a shoot where you are in your zone when you aren't working whether that's fly fishing, a shoot with your jeep, or a picnic on the mountain.

If you are a creative business, think about ways you refresh and where you go to get inspiration, this would be a great opportunity for people to get insight into your creative process and document it in a beautiful way.

If you have products or retail you offer, shots of your products in use and in the wild are amazing ways to help people envision how it could be used in their own day to day lifestyle.

Many of us are behind screens and working from our computers these days, but that doesn't mean we get to limit our creativity and our content to just that!

PRO TIP: Each photographer has their secret spots in their back pocket so if you book a session utilize their knowledge because they are saving it just for you!!!

If you need help sparking some ideas for your next shoot I would love to chat!

If you are needing some great content reach out ASAP to get you scheduled or email me to get more info and see if we would be a good fit.

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