Client Spotlight: Third Hand Silversmith

This is the start of a series highlighting clients who saw changes by investing in their visual direction!

First to be featured is Julia Dobie, Owner and maker of ThirdHand Silversmith.

She is a Montana Native and metal smith who makes genuine jewelry that always makes a personal connection with whoever wears it.

She has done several brand shoots with Gossack Creative that are shown below!

You can check out her lovely work here:

Read the interview below!

How did investing in brand photography change the way you / your audience views your business?

As a creative person with a love for aesthetics and visualization in general, it is extremely important to me that my brand’s visuals are up to par with how I envision my products. This includes visualizing how my customers will interact with my jewelry day-to-day, capturing my pieces in ways that highlight their uniqueness and beauty, and depicting the way I see and feel about my products to life in a way that my audience can feel too. Bringing Serena into this process has been incredibly helpful because she has a similar propensity for aesthetics, while always bringing fresh ideas to the table. Working with another creative person helps me step out of the box and create awesome content. 

What do you think impacts your audience and connects them with your brand the most in terms of marketing?

I’m a huge believer in the fact that all business owners are people first. Yes, we like to sell our products and make money to live on, but there is something so much more special behind every business. Being able to tell my story through lifestyle brand photography really impacts my audience in a more meaningful way. People want objects and experiences that make them feel something; objects that truly make a positive impact on their life. I believe my jewelry has the power to increase confidence, symbolize special moments, and bring joy to those who wear it. Serena’s photography helps people feel these things just like my work does. 

How has working with Gossack Creative in Brand photography changed the way your brand looks and feels?

Working with Serena has helped bring my brand’s visions to life. I often have such strong visions of how I want my photography to be portrayed, but without the right equipment, experience, or knowledge of photography, it’s not possible for me to bring those ideas to life on my own. Serena is extremely receptive and understanding of my ideas and desired outcomes for our shoots. We complement each others’ strengths, and she fills the gaps for the things I don’t have. 

Investing in my business demonstrates the value I know my products have to those who don’t have the chance to see or touch my jewelry in real life before they make a decision. 

Brand photography elevates my brand’s public image and allows me to foster a higher level of trust between my brand and my customers. 

Would you recommend Gossack Creative to another business and why?

Absolutely! Not only is Serena talented, hard-working, and reliable, she’s also a joy to work with. 

If you’re not used to being photographed, or are just feeling a little awkward, just let Serena know and she’ll take care of you. She always makes sure everyone is comfortable and having fun-- it’s always a challenge not to be laughing in every single frame!

Thank you Julia for your time to participate! Please follow her on social media and check out her work!

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