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3 Types of Business who are ready for Professional Branding Support

Have you ever wondered if you are actually in the right place to invest in a professional to help grow your brand? Well, I've created a guide of the 3 most common stages of businesses that see the highest return on investment for their business. 3 places you may find yourself in as a business owner, that shows you are ready to invest in brand strategy and design:



You’ve been in business for 1-4 years and you are doing well, you’ve grown your business with your current logo but you have a bigger vision for your business future and you are ready to step up your branding with a professional to match where you are headed. You are ready to create a brand identity & experience that can grow with you and your ideas and want to have the tools to expand your business.


You are just emerging as a startup business or expanding into a new market, and you are wanting to show others you have something valuable to offer and you are a trusted and exciting business right from the starting gate. You know how people can benefit from your product or expertise, but need help presenting your ideas and building a brand that you are confident in and that people will trust from the get go. You are wanting to create a special experience and want to present your business in a way that represents how qualified you actually are and have the funds to invest in high quality branding right away.



You have run a solid business for many years and don’t necessarily want to expand or grow your brand, but you feel like your current brand doesn’t represent you or the customers you are wanting to work with, especially with increasing competition. You may be spending additional time trying to keep your brand cohesive and you are either worn out from managing your marketing or parts of your business and customer journey are not as effective and efficient as you would like it to be. You might be feeling your brand is outdated and not attracting the attention of the customers you are hoping for. If you are wanting to optimize your client experience, raise your prices and value perception, you are ready to invest in a strategic brand development.

Which one of these sounds like you?

If one of these stages describes how you are feeling and where you are at, and you relooking for insight on what next steps would be best for you to take, feel free to fill out my inquiry form and let's chat!

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