5 Steps to Planning a Successful Brand Photoshoot


Brand photography is often one of those things in your business that you know is important but usually gets overlooked and under planned.

So I wanted to share with you a guide on what to think about when planning a photoshoot for your marketing and your brand this summer, so you can make the most of your session, stand out in the crowd and get people excited about what you are up to.


GOALS: Define what your images are going to be used for: website, social media, blog posts, advertisements, etc. This helps dictate what kind of imagery you will need! Images can be used to lead up to launches, announce new inventory, or any kind of new change coming up in your business as well!


VISION: After you know where they will be used, the next step is to create an overall “Look and Feel” for the shoot. This often looks like gathering shot ideas on a Pinterest board. What colors, editing style, props, and atmosphere do you want it to take on? Try to narrow it down to only 1-2 concepts per shoot. If you have trouble finding a theme or vision for your shoot, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for some inspiration and help! You can see in the examples what different photoshoot visions may turn out like!


LOCATION: If your photoshoot is longer and complex, having a place with lots of variety within a short distance can be super beneficial to create diversity in the images!

Being able to use the space in a versatile way, always provides more opportunity for creative shots as well. Your location determines what the feel of the images is going to be like. So choosing a place to match your vision is super crucial to executing the photoshoot. Ask your photographer for location suggestions in your area.


LIGHTING: Lighting is all about when and where. Choosing your location based on the lighting setup is going to impact your photos greatly! If you choose an indoor space, make sure they have natural light sources, or if it is poorly lit, make sure your photographer can bring lighting that will supplement the location. Usually indoor light is best from 10am - 3pm depending on where you live. Outdoor lighting results are dependant on weather and the time of day. Bright sunny mid day shots are often going to have harsh shadows and more drastic darks and lights. Overcast days provide even lighting for your subject, but can sometimes create a more moody look with grey skies. First light in the morning and the last 1 hour before sunset are where you can get an incredibly soft film-like light and stunning colors. Consult with your photographer on when you should shoot to achieve your photoshoot vision.


PROPS: Props and outfits and models are a great way to make your images unique and bring storytelling, colors, and give different moods to your shots. Collaborating with other businesses can be a great way to incorporate beautiful props and outfits into your session. These are often the small details that represent you and would be special to your brand! Don’t be afraid to go a little wild on this one! I always suggest you have a safe “comfortable” level, an “elevated & professional” level, and a “get out of your comfort zone” level when it comes to outfits and props depending on how the images will be used.

Putting it all together...

Photoshoots can often be a lot of work to plan, but the results of your planning always shine through in the images! After layering all the steps together, you will come away with engaging content that represents your brand accurately and images you will use to convert more customers! If you are planning on doing a brand shoot soon and still have questions on how to organize and plan one, please reach out and let me know, I'd love to help you out.

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