3 Ways to increase your Value Perception

In my last blog post we discovered exactly what a brand embodies, now it's time to take that a step further.

So what I want to do next is break down some ways that you as a creative business can increase your value perception and talk about some ways you can improve your brand.

Defining Value perception: Value Perception is your ability to satisfy your customers needs and help them achieve their desired outcome. The more needs you can satisfy, the more money they are willing to spend.

One quick thing I want to point out, Before we start, the things mentioned here are most effective when they cater to a specific type of consumer and you have a good grasp on what their needs are. I hope to create a resource to define this for you brand soon!

Let's get started!

1) Focus on your customers experience - This will Increase your value perception

This is how you make your customer feel. No matter where you are at in your business, you always have the ability to make this happen in your business. What ways are you serving them and making their experience the best it can be? How easy is it to interact with your brand? Is it impossible to find you on the internet? When they do find you, does your website and instagram presence serve what they are looking for? Is it easy and straight forward to get in contact with you and book with you? These are the questions you need to ask yourself and deal with in order to create that reputable brand presence.

So here some other ideas that you incorporate into your business to create a memorable experience.

~ Great communication and customer service.

~ Personally connecting in some way to consumer

~ Unexpected details - thank you notes gifts

~ Having a fool proof system that is easy to navigate so that it’s easy to work with you. Service providers this is huge for you! Going the extra mile to make them feel appreciated and special.

All of this takes time and energy but your customers will be so much happier to spend money at your business if you incorporate these types of things.

A lot of people have heard of the expression “You get what you pay for.”

I want to encourage you to create experiences that leave people feeling like they got their money’s worth and more. And no, not because you discounted your item, but because this experience that you gave them helps them truly feel like it’s much more valuable than what they paid for.

And when you are ready to raise your prices and charge more people won’t be scared to stick with you because they know they will be taken care of in a way that matters.

2) Update your Visual Branding - This will Increase your value perception

Okay you might be thinking, she’s totally biased with this one because this is what I do. BUT. I have the numbers to back it up. Visual Consistency is so important and when a Brand is consistently presented across all platforms, from website to packaging to print collateral, their revenue increases by an average of 23%. This is literally using the same colors and imagery for everything no matter how good or bad it is. So no matter if you are just starting out and don’t have the budget yet to invest in a brand identity system, there are still ways to make your brand consistent and cohesive that will benefit your business. Professional and luxury design equates high quality and large value thus making people more comfortable spending more money.

Here are some guidelines to follow in your visual branding:

1. Make sure your visual branding is equal or better than the quality of service or product you provide. If you are using the best ingredients that are sourced ethically and are organic and expensive, it should reflect in your brand and your packaging design to help show the value you’ve created. You have to visually present your service or product at an equal or higher level to communicate that your product or service is valuable. 85% of buying decisions are based off packaging alone. And 50% of buyers are likely to return to a business if the item was in premium packaging. 40% would share a picture online and recommend to friends if the packaging was interesting.

2. Be Consistent - Hire a professional to create a system for you, or create one yourself and stick to it. Whether you’ve hired a professional or you aren’t quite at that stage yet, always, always refer to your brand colors and fonts and stick to it. No compromises!

This also goes for your brand photography and imagery. Try to choose either light or dark tones and either warm, white or cool tones to define your photos and don’t mix them, stay consistent!! Pinterest is your best friend for finding and curating how you want to show your brand.

Make sure everything customer facing (like print collateral, web design, instagram feed) are all using this correct system using the same colors, fonts and imagery.

No matter what stage you’re in on this step just show up and be consistent. And accurately represent the value you bring to the table. That’s what’s going to help you out the most.

3) Sell benefits not features - This will Increase your value perception

Focus on promoting how your service or product makes their lives better rather than focusing on the action of what it does or what you do.

So here’s an example: I could say “I provide graphic design services and I can do all these things on my line item” which is a feature of my services. But if I said “I help you connect with your audience, create cohesive visual systems that attracts higher paying customers and I help make your business more beautiful and efficient.” Those are all benefits my clients receive when working with me. See the difference?

It transforms you and your services from being an order taker into being a difference maker.

And people are much more willing to spend money on transformation in their lives than on a line item.

So find what other benefits your customers get from your product or service. Is it more time with their family, is it added health benefit, is it efficiently or profitability in their business?

This shift in how you present yourself in your brand will attract people who are willing to pay more for what you offer because you just raised your value perception. It will also help distinguish yourself from everybody else.

To Recap:

In order your raise your value perception - which is the ability to satisfy the needs of your customer so they are willing to spend more for that value that you’ve created.

1. Provide an exceptional experience that exceeds all expectations

2. Create a consistent, beautiful, visual brand that accurately represents your quality and value, and then...

3. Sell how it benefits their life beyond the object or service.

These things take a lot of thought and time to implement so go easy on yourself, get some accountability or hire help. These things are a lot easier said than done. Remember to just do the best with where you’re at in your business and have a goal for progress rather than perfection.

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